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App has been removed from apple App Store?

No matter what region I migrate my device to, the app isn't available for download. Has the project died?

Hi, We remove the app from the store because some users complained about minor issues on iOS 9.

At the moment we may republish a new version but no idea when this will happen.

That is such a shame. I liked Boxcar but with the application pulled and there being no commitment to republishing it I'll stop recommending it.

Minor issues? Sounds like something bigger than that to me. 

Nope, it was minor issue with third party app selection in the settings. We got many bad reviews for that issue and as developer of a free product we got annoyed that the only email we had were from angry people for a minor problem. Too bad you did not write good reviews if you like the app ;) We already have a fix but are still considering of we want to resubmit. I must say that your comment is not to engaging in that sense. 'sounds like something bigger to me' ? Well, as developer of a free product spending most of my free time on it, I has hope that it would bring quite a sense of community with the users. This comment made us sounds like a big evil corporation,hiding dark secrets. Anyway, we will see with the team what we do with Boxcar for end users. You will notice if it is back.
Thanks for the reply Mickaël. People don't appreciate the level of dedication required for such a project, and the App Store exposes you to the uneducated masses at times. My free and/or inexpensive software suite comprises IFTTT, pushover and appsheet. If you do bring the project back I will be greatfull. Thank you, Mark

Mickaël - Unfortunately, most people speak up when they have something bad to say. This is especially true with the iTunes App Store. My bet is that if you took the number of active BoxCar accounts divided into the number of negative comments that you would find it only represents a very very small percentage. The vast majority, I'm sure, greatly appreciate BoxCar and the amazing work you do.

I know many iOS developers and they all wrestle with the influence of negative comments and the lack of positive comments. They tell me that they've had to develop a confidence that the products they are producing are really great and they always point to the number of people using them. 

Take all of the time you need to decide where to go next, but try not to penalize the many many people who love BoxCar and use it frequently. 

Lastly, by pulling your app totally from iTunes will give users wrong impression - that you don't have confidence in the product and that you're essentially abandoning BoxCar. My recommendation is that you get it back onto iTunes as soon as you possibly can.

Good luck and please keep up the amazing work!


Hey guys any news on if/when you'll republish? I'm really missing this amazing app :(

Boxcar2 v1.5.3 appeared in the App Store today (an updated version).

Thank you, Michaël.

It is available, as is.

Just went to the Apple iTunes Store and the app is not there ? I love it and did give it an excellent review when I first began using it. I just got a new iPad and so I would love to continue using Boxcar ? Is there another link that I can use to download it ? Thanks for your consideration. Thanks again!

The Boxcar has been removed from UK App Store. Would it be added soon?

Here I was extolling the virtues of Boxcar to a friend... and now they can't download it.  Has iOS 10 created some new issues?  Is it coming back?


I hope you'll bring the app back--it still works great on my iPhone 6 with iOS 10.3.2--not sure what people were complaining about!

Please put this app back in the app store--still works great with iOS 11 on my iPhone 6--worried about losing this when I switch to the iPhone X as there is no longer a way to manually add apps via iTunes on PC.

Works great for me as well, iOS11 on iPhone 6s+. Please re-add to the App Store.

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