Sounds are an important feature in Boxcar 2, especially for mail, as it allows to know which type of mail you just received without even looking at your phone screen.

Boxcar 2 now provides you with an email alias per available sound in the application. It means that you can forward your professional email to an alias and your personal email to another alias and both will sound different when you receive the mail.

Add the value "+soundname" between your email alias and the mail domain name is enough to receive a mail with a special sound.

For example, suppose your forward email is "".

  • sending an email to will play cash register sound when mail is received.
  • sending an email to will play echo sound when email is received.
  • sending an email to will ensure mail is received without playing a sound.
  • etc...
It means that all users have 29 forward email addresses available in Boxcar 2.

Available sounds list

Here is the list of sounds you can use in your forward email aliases:

  • beep-crisp
  • beep-soft
  • bell-modern
  • bell-one-tone
  • bell-simple
  • bell-triple
  • bird-1
  • bird-2
  • boing
  • cash
  • clanging
  • detonator-charge
  • digital-alarm
  • done
  • echo
  • flourish
  • harp
  • light
  • magic-chime
  • magic-coin
  • notifier-1
  • notifier-2
  • notifier-3
  • orchestral-long
  • orchestral-short
  • score
  • success
  • up
The special sound "no-sound" forces the notification to be silent, no matter what are defined in the general settings.


The assumption to be able to play different sounds is that you can do the filtering in your mail service and select the right alias.

It can be that you have two different email accounts. The filtering is then obvious.

It could also be that you are using a single email account. In that case, you need to learn how to set up filters in your email service to be able to use different forward email addresses based on your on rules.