No. Boxcar 2 is a full rewrite of Boxcar 1 from scratch and does not share any code with Boxcar 1.

Here is the rationale behind the decision to keep the two platform separated:

  • When Boxcar 2 launched, Boxcar was 7 years old. It was pointless migrating user accounts as many users are not active anymore.
  • Context have changed in seven years and third-parties app that were popular 7 years ago are not around anymore. Boxcar 2 thus have a very different feature scope. Migration will thus never be complete.
  • Anonymous mode: Boxcar 1 required an account. We wanted to make sure Boxcar 2 would run without the need to have an account (Anonymous mode). Users hate registering an account and when it is not strictly necessary to register, we should do our best to avoid that.
To ensure a smooth transition for users, Boxcar 1 will be running for a while so that you can use both Boxcar 1 and Boxcar 2 on the same device at the same time.

It means you have to create another account to use Boxcar 2 (or use it "anonymously"). Your Boxcar 1 account will not work.