Boxcar 2  -  1.3.7

Usability / User Interface

  • Relocated Readability button to unclutter bottom action bar

Bug fixes

  • Fix possible crash or freeze at launch
  • Fix reload loop in article when in airplane mode for non-downloaded article
  • Twitter source add / remove fix
  • Source list fix in filter
  • Fix possible crash when using Delete All in filter some filters
  • Other minor bug fixes

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.6

Bug fixes

  • Fix scrolling in article list after having read an article.
  • Fix "Delete all" operation sync with server

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.5


  • Action on notification in tableView with left swipe.
  • Add sync mark as read and delete across devices.
  • In app notify (only for refresh for now)
  • Delete button in article view
  • Ability to define the size of text in app setting. The size of the article is now separate from the overall UI size.
  • Delete feed on detail view
  • Privacy settings in settings
  • Better label of open links in article if twitter / or disable if nothing

Bug fixes

  • Fix silent panel when the app was closed and accessing from the Boxcar widget
  • Fix notifications action performed from notification center
  • ArticleViewer changes + bug fix  : height of web view, restoration of scroll in article (when coming back from link)
  • Article collection bug fix
  • Fix workflow when registering application after having used it as anonymous
  • Fix for empty article that was not downloaded from the server during the 2 days retention
  • Fix search across the app + enhancement
  • Fix bug in collection article when the user was in edit mode
  • Fix Lauren’s bug about twitter / twitter add layout change (checkmark + spinner are back)
  • Fix crash in edit filter
  • Fix blank web view in article when no content
  • Fix - i want to go back but no - reload/ ui on articleViewer
  • Fix some UI glitch on multiple views
  • Fix translation
  • Fix status bar in some view / landscaping
  • Fix open link in article if twitter / or disable if nothing
  • Fix boxcar logo at startup

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.4

Bug fixes

  • Fix iPad sharing crash

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.3


  • Shortcut to access iOS Notification settings for Boxcar

Bug fixes

  • Proper scaling for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • Fix crash of sharing for iPad and iPhone 6 Plus

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.2

iOS 8 support

  • Support for notification actions: Delete and Mark as Read.
  • Larger notifications to avoid alerts truncation.
  • Scale layout from iPhone 4S -> iPhone 5/5s -> iPhone 6/6 plus -> iPad.

Note: the iPhone 6 / 6 plus layout was submitted to Apple before real device update. It still appear scale up due to minor issue. We are aware of it and have submitted a fix to Apple.

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.1


This version is a bugfix release for iOS 8 compliance.

Boxcar 2  -  1.3.0

User Interface improvements

Clearer User Interface and streamlined workflow

  • Some features where too hidden and relied on tapping edit button to make the action appear.
  • The "do not disturb" feature has been moved to settings as it was not easily discoverable on top of root screen and was not a well understood feature.
  • The setting screen has been reworked to be clearer and with more logical grouping.
  • On filter settings, we kept the wizard to help creating a new filter, but editing a filter brings a clear single screen setting pane.

Feed catalog

Easier subscription to feed using a catalog of source with RSS feed suggestions in categories. We are starting with four categories: News, Technologies, Apple and Android, but more are on the way.


  • Option to hide the content of mail in alerts in the global settings.


  • Article view: Fix text size rendering too many times
  • Article view: Fix text size after opening browser
  • Article list: Small fix (day/days properly displaying)
  • Settings: Third party app selection fix
  • Many other smaller fixes

Boxcar 2  -  1.2.4


  • Fix an issue in notifications list being improperly displayed. It was sometime showing empty notifications or overlapping text in notifications list.
  • Fix sorting issue in filters.

Boxcar 2  -  1.2.3


  • Official support of Polish language


  • Fix crash in silent pane, depending on date selection
  • Fix crash in ArticleViewer : retractable bar bug fix and open sheet (share menu) empty array crash fix
  • ArticleViewer : scroll when next tapped is fixed
  • No more crash when running in background
  • Articles are correctly displayed in list when coming from background
  • a few other rare crashes.

Boxcar 2  -  1.2.2


  • Fix crash when deleting all notifications at once in inbox
  • Fix crash sometime happening on Twitter account registration

Boxcar 2  -  1.2.1


  • Fix crashes that can occur when deleting messages
  • Fix scroll to top

Boxcar 2  -  1.2.0

Search, quiet hours & fixes release !

New Features

  • Automatic quiet hour: you can now add a period during which you want no alerts
  • Ability to search Inboxes
  • Ability to create search filter with keyword
  • Ability to do bulk change on inbox to mark multiple messages as read
  • Readability for twitter links

User Interface improvements

  • New images for filter & sources
  • Small other changes (insets in folder view)


  • Sounds are now sync with server
  • Fix problem with '&' in passwords
  • other small bug fixes

Boxcar 2  -  1.1.4


  • Fix error message when trying to log with incorrect / non existent login and password.

Boxcar 2  -  1.1.3

New Features

  • Ability to select less than 500 in cache (100 - 250)
  • Auto refresh when coming from background
  • New placeholder images for filter & sources

User Interface improvements

  • Add a progress bar in article and browser view
  • Tweak collection view cell, making it less tall
  • Performance improvements


  • User Interface glitch when the internet sharing or call bar is displayed on some article view
  • Fix white images for sources
  • Fix scrolling glitch in collection (come back / deletion / new items / scroll to top). That was causing list to scroll to unexpected places.


  • Updated German translation

Boxcar 2  -  1.1.2


  • Bug in 1.1.1 prevented to use special chars like # in password.
  • Fix default filter migration process from 1.0.3.
  • Some notifications were displayed in 1.1.1 as plain text content (and thus with no image).
  • Some notifications were unnecessarily downloaded in 1.1.1.
  • Fix several crashes.


  • Performance improvements.
  • Default filter are translated again in your device language (when translation available).


  • Spanish translation.

Boxcar 2  -  1.1.1

Boxcar 1.1.1 fixes three bugs:

  • On migration the wizard to register account was triggered many times, until the app was at least kill once.
  • Notification delete feature was broken in some cases.
  • Upload of default filter on server could failed on first launch.

Boxcar 2  -  1.1.0

Boxcar 1.1.0 completes 360 votes on feature requests from users. Go to Boxcar Uservoice to share and vote for your favorite features.

New features - Hugely popular requests

  • Account registration support: You can now register a Boxcar 2 account (or stay anonymous if you prefer). Registering an account will allow you to receive the same notification on several devices. Note: your Boxcar 1 account is from a separate platform and will not work. You have to create a new one.
  • IFTTT support: You can now get your IFTTT notification in Boxcar 2. Create your preferred workflow and receive alerts on your mobile ! You can also create a filter to have your IFTTT notifications in a separate box.
  • Open your favorite mail app when tapping on a mail notification in notification center.
  • Open your favorite Twitter client when tapping on a mail notification in notification center.
  • Receive email notifications on several devices: When you have registered an account, you can use it on several devices and thus receive the same forward email address on several devices.

Filter boxes

  • Filter creation: Reworked UI and more powerful user interface.
  • Ability to create a filter / box to list all emails (Thanks to Mosey).
  • Ability to create a filter / box to list all custom notifications.
  • Store filters on the server.


  • Ability to send an email to a friend with Boxcar 2 Download link (Thanks to Christophe).

User Interface

  • Improved welcome and upgrade screens. They offer you the chance to register you account on first launch.
  • Added one-line preview of notification in articles list (thanks to @tokycarlo and Ann).
  • Ability to swipe back from article to article list even if toolbar is hidden (Thanks to AppleMentalist).
  • Back and next button on internal browser (Thanks to Marek).
  • We now ask on Twitter account addition if you would like to subscribe to all timeline push, to help you set you account.
  • Reduced size of articles in list (Thanks to @tokycarlo).
  • Design tweaks on most screens.


  • Updated German translation (Thanks to AppleMentalist).
  • Updated French translation (Thanks to Paul).


  • Fix problem on pushes not being downloaded totally if you had a lot of them pending on the server.
  • Fix problem of downloading inbox after leaving airplane mode.
  • Fix disappearing bar on article in some cases.
  • Fix readability processing: They could fail in some cases.
  • Remove spaces when adding a custom feed.
  • Properly reflect Twitter source name change in main screen.
  • Memory optimization.
  • Various other bugfixes.

Boxcar 2  -  1.0.3

Boxcar 1.0.3 completes 75 votes on feature requests from users. Go to Boxcar Uservoice to share and vote for your favorite features.

New features

  • Delete notifications: You can know delete a notification with a swipe gesture from notifications list (Thanks to Joamlin).
  • System integration: Ability to add source with a special Boxcar link (example: boxcar://feed/add?


  • We support you directly from Boxcar application: You can contact us by Uservoice, Twitter and email directly from the Setting screen.
  • Documentation, Frequently Asked Questions and Roadmap can be read directly from the application (Thanks to AppleMentalist).
  • Enter your support request from the application: Settings -> Contact Us -> Uservoice -> Send us a Message.


  • Allow sending the full content of the notification by email (Thanks to Maximilien).

User Interface

  • Reworked main setting screen: We fully reorganized the settings screen to be more readable and accessible.
  • Editable custom source name from source configuration pane. The source name is also taken into account and used in push notifications. Useful if you want to squeze even more info in the notification (Thanks to Joe).
  • Real timestamps in the article view (Thanks to Joamlin).


  • German translation (Thanks to AppleMentalist).
  • French translation (Thanks to Paul).


  • Faster Twitter notifications (Thanks to Ovikiss).


  • Resolved several crashes on setting screens.
  • Fix top bar disappearing after having played a video.
  • Fix for feeds with parameters being not properly taken into account (Thanks to Domaille).
  • Only display welcome wizard on first launch.
  • Various other bugfixes.

Boxcar 2  -  1.0.2

New features:

  • Global do not disturb mode: From root screen you now have a global do not disturb switch on top of the boxes list.
  • Welcome wizard: On first install you will be guided to help you set this application in a few taps.

New and improved notifications:

  • Mail notification: We now forward you all mails. No filtering is made as default on mails coming from mailing lists (Thanks to @alexianos_n and @magoz_).


  • More sounds (yeah !), coming from the old Boxcar. Among others, we are bringing back the echo sound (Thanks to @YungBZ and @nighthawkca), the bird chirp sounds (Thanks to @Mr_MillionHeir), cash register (Thanks to lmajoe) and Crisp beep. 11 new sounds have been added.
  • Disable push alert per sound is now properly stored. When set up, you will be able to read notifications in the app but you will not be alerted.

User Interface:

  • More readable catalog view for RSS feed additions.
  • Clearer labels in Twitter notification parameters. The @YOURNAME/Boxcar list notification to notify to select users should be cleared (Thanks to @AlanLB)
  • Fix for some labels being truncated when font was set to bold in accessibility preferences (Thanks to @_JoeWalls)


  • Fix a bug on Twitter account addition (Thanks to kuchibuepunk and @jamoraquai for your help. It was a very difficult bug ;)
  • Fix a bug preventing nav bar to retract in article view (under some circumtances)
  • Fix a few bugs that could lead to crashes in a few edge cases.

Boxcar 2  -  1.0.1

New and improved notifications:

  • Receive emails by forwarding mail to you Boxcar address, shown in Setting Panel (Thanks to @cr0ssed, @sorensen_chris, @alexianos_n and many others).
  • Individual source inbox can now be read while offline


  • Ability to configure global sounds.
  • Ability to mute a source. Notifications are still received in inbox, but without push alerts.

User Interface:

  • Ability to mark all messages in a box as read.
  • Avoid autoscrolling list when new messages arrive. A red mark is shown as top of list when new messages arrive (Thanks to @logansease).
  • Add source name in article list.
  • Autoscroll to place in article list when reading several articles in a row.


  • Filters are now permanently saved.
  • Sometimes sources could not be shown after a subscription (would require an application restart).
  • Disable app rating popup amidst controversy around app rating pop-ups. This is indeed no good idea.
  • Work around back button disappearing on Twitter configuration screen.
  • Fix source icon images being sometimes in too low resolution.
  • More bugfixes.