This is unfortunately an iOS 7 bug that happen on app install, but please read for a solution.

Issue description

What happened is that iOS 7 did not prompt you to accept push after registration of your account in Boxcar iOS application. It means on our end, we do not get your device reference and your account is seen as having no device registered.

Push acceptance is controlled at iOS level, so we cannot directly solve the issue on our end.


You can fix the issue by:
  • Rebooting your iPhone. Most of the time this is enough, to solve the issue.Launch Boxcar after the reboot and see if you are prompted for push notification.
You can check the state of push notification for Boxcar in iOS notification center (iOS Settings -> Notification Center -> Boxcar)
  • The last ressort is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. This works in all cases. You will have push working after registration in Boxcar application.

What else to check ?

If this did not help, you are probably having configuration issues.

Please read: